Community Empowerment

This program seeks to build communities from the inside out that is, from the individual’s realisation of self-efficacy and inter-connectedness with the larger community. This program was envisaged after noticing that previous community empowerment strategies were top-down and were failing to catalyse people’s participation in issues affecting them. The assistance was focused on providing the fish and not the rod. More so the project seeks to consider the communities’ creative, skills and culture as resources for example social creativity, trust tolerance, participation, cooperation and mutual aid.  The dreams, goals and objectives of this program are realised through numerous community awareness projects such as “The out of poverty dialogues” to the community and “School interventions” that offer skills development to school going children. The “out of poverty” community dialogues involve inviting motivational speakers and entrepreneurs who have made it in their different businesses to come and share their experiences and motivate the members of community to also take part in alleviating poverty.


Education and celebration of national and international days is also part of the Community Empowerment Program. The Vanderbijlpark Trauma Centre facilitates the recognition of these important days and seeks to explain the landmarks that heighten the importance of these days. These special days are usually marked by songs and dance from the primary schools coordinated by the staff members of the organisation that are choreographed in accordance to what will be celebrated such as the Youth day, Heritage day and Child Protection Week.



These songs and dances are displayed to the members of the community were celebrations of these events will be held. Dance competition is held every year in the month of June and Competitors will be from the local primary schools.