Social Crime Prevention

This is a proactive programme that seeks to prevent the occurrence of criminal activities in the town ships of the Sedibeng region.


The program seeks to change attitudes and behaviour of the community members towards criminal activities through a project called “Tsibo”. The motto here is “crime does not pay and there are severe consequences for committing a crime”. The project involves arranging for workshops where by ex-convicts are invited to share their experiences with the community. Tsibo anticipates achieving minimal crime occurrences in the area. Sedibeng Region is a haven for crimes such as drug abuse, domestic violence, rape and stealing. This project came about after the document studies of the cases reported to Vanderbijlpark Trauma Centre which showed that there was need to be proactive in preventing such crimes. This projects targets school going children, college youth and the community at large. It seeks to educate to avoid ignorance on crime. 


Within the Social Crime prevention Programme, there is also a “New life perpetrator programme” that targets the already convicted and seeks to reunify them with their families and communities once they are free from incarceration. Under this project the social workers provide counselling to the families of offenders so that they can accommodate him/ her once released from correctional services. Add to that, the social worker also strives to break the stigma associated with being an ex-convict. This well to do programme was established after following a series of media reports of ex-convicts that were being denied access into their communities and were being rejected by their families of origin. They were being treated as outcasts and social misfits, alas they have been rehabilitated.